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COMIVA has been distributing for years a wide range of Fire and Multipurpose Doors of the best national brands.

NINZ S.p.A. occupies an important place among these. NINZ is a European leader both in terms of quality and quantity; his production ranges from Multiuso to Tagliafuoco.

The latter are available in Metal, Wood and Crystal. For some months now all NINZ metal doors can be customized with over 240 decors ranging from geometric designs to fancy images, up to the reproduction of important classical and modern works of art. The technique used, NINZ Digital Decor, uses a sophisticated system that allows to obtain the same quality and resistance as standard painting. In addition to the predetermined decorations, it is possible to request the reproduction of original images provided by the customer. Recently COMIVA has introduced two other door families.

The first concerns a specific type of fiberglass closures, approved for installation in electrical substations.

The second one develops a wide range of doors in Laminate (PVC) for the most varied uses: civil, offices, laboratories, sports facilities, toilets, etc. In the present catalog the most recent news of Tagliafuoco have been included, and the range of accessories for the Multiuso and the Tagliafuoco have also been increased.

The Fireproof doors are proposed in metal and wood; for these materials the different fire resistances are available: REI 30, 60, 120.

The types available are single-leaf, double-leaf, sliding and rotating. In addition to the standard sizes, always available in stock, it is also possible to receive special sized doors, specific RAL colors and accessories such as windows, transom lights, doorstops, etc. in a short time. The Multiuso, more and more present in the specifications, are now enriched with an "aerated" series and specific accessories such as for example safety closures, panic bars, etc.