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Thermal cuts

The insulated AVI-TK balcony connector is a structural component that ensures thermal insulation between elements of reinforced concrete buildings. It is used to obtain thermal insulation in the junction between the cantilevered slabs in C.A. and the interior floor of the buildings. Further possible applications are loggias, wall parapets, shelves, etc.

The thermally insulated connector for AVI-TK balconies is made up of a structural frame with independent ribs and a panel of expanded polystyrene with a thickness of 80 mm (EPS-W 30 compliant with OENORM B 13163 standards).

The metal ribs that pass through the EPS panel are made of stainless steel "U" profiles to prevent corrosion in the section not protected by concrete, and equipped with steel bars with improved adhesion appropriately shaped and welded at the ends, which transfer the forces from the single ribs to the contiguous elements in reinforced concrete.

The system is designed to withstand both positive and negative bending moments and shear forces (vertical and horizontal). The ribs consist of a U-shaped press-formed profile in U-shaped steel (material No. 1.4571 C 850 according to EN 10088-2). The structural connection is guaranteed by 2 steel brackets with improved adhesion of 10 mm diameter each (B 550A compliant with OENORM B4707), welded to the wings of the upper and lower ribs.

The single ribs are made by welding robots with heights of 110 mm, 130 mm, 150 mm and 170 mm. Special elements are available on request with heights of 190 mm ribs. These dimensions can cover thicknesses of the slabs from 160 mm to 250 mm.